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7 Reasons to Pursue Digital Marketing

7 Reasons to Pursue Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plain simply refers to the use of digital technologies to market goods and services. Allow me to illustrate with a fictional tale, though there are many similar real-life facts that exist within Read More

The world is going live and it’s going to eat you alive

The world is going live and it’s going to eat you alive

Heed this not just as a warning, because it’s already happening. The digital disruption that not so long ago we had read from textbooks and global industry magazines on the west is here with Read More


10 steps to a successful CV

Mick Mike gives here top tips on creating a memorable and readable CV ‚Incase anything is missing? Add to the comments below or send us an email on Writing a good CV can be Read More



Currency Logic There is a setup involving currency. “Thinking of tons of information about world currencies”, am not quite sure if it is measurable. You might be having lots of information that you can’t do Read More

Debt Collector


Debt collection etiquette involves one to be patient, firm and understanding because not all the debtors will respond the same way. Some can be very hostile; others are remorseful; others are clueless of how Read More


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Businesses that have websites need to understand the importance of having a good SEO strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process through which webmasters make changes to the website structure (meta keywords, page titles, Read More

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