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  Natumai ni asubuhi muhtaramu kwako msomaji,kwangu kila kitu ni shwari.Ni mzima wa afya kama ngarange za Washona…hata hivyo namshukuru Mola kwa kunitunuhu afya na uwezo wa kufunua mboni  siku ya leo,Chambilecho Guru Ustadh Wallah Bin Read More

Thee Nairobian Bachelor  (Part One)

Thee Nairobian Bachelor (Part One)

If you are a bachelor like me living in Nairobi, you probably have four people in your speed dial whom you can’t dare loose their numbers. Mama mboga, Mama nguo, Motorbike guy and at Read More


Mathree Na Vituko

After waiting on the queue for over 15 mins I finally board a ‘mathree’, find a comfortable seat. A very (and I mean a very) gorgeous damsel greats me with a very exquisite smile “hi?”..honestly Read More


Threat?? Really…….

So it’s on a Sunday around 8.30 pm, am super excited, extremely excited and not coz of my favourite comedy progi* Churchill show or the fact that ma tortoise in her sexy hotpant is Read More

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