Mathree Na Vituko


After waiting on the queue for over 15 mins I finally board a ‘mathree’, find a comfortable seat. A very (and I mean a very) gorgeous damsel greats me with a very exquisite smile “hi?”..honestly for a moment there I forgot I had a girl waiting for me back at home ( btw that’s why Leo natoka Tao mapema)… “can I seat here?” At this point all I was imagining were so many things ( 😝😝you guessed right), ” hello, can I have a seat?” I heard that lovely voice once again.. “Ye ye yees” I replied. I swear I didn’t want her to sit, just wanted to glance at that ass (yeah ma niggas, it’s a million dollar ass) & that glass shape figure but obviously couldn’t prevent her from sitting.

We experienced some silence thanks to me (sorry team mafisi for letting us down), Anyway I gathered some audacity and asked her if she knew the password to WiFi ( thinking it out loud I realize how stupid that sounded ) “sorry, I think this is the password” pointing at the back of the seats in front of us, I felt so stupid and embarrassed.

My mess up turned to be a blessing in disguise, because now we had a conversation. In between the conversation, I learnt that she was a Muthaiga resident. I know u are confused, I was too until she clarified that she is just visiting a ‘good friend’ at Muthurwa… I was taken aback, how can one incur Sh. 80/= fare if all she wanna go is Muthurwa from Tao?” what the hell, she is from Muthaiga… Muthaiga guys do that” I thought… A small conversation turned into exchanging digits.

#Visanga Za Nganya

We finally reached Muthurwa and she asks for a hug before she alighted. I couldn’t turn down such an offer because we were already acquaintances. We hugged when still seated. She alighted the Mathree and guess what,even the ‘konkodi’ didn’t ask for her fare, yes she was damn that pretty.

We resumed our journey and as a norm and once we reached ‘stadi’. The ‘konkodi ‘started to collect fare, he came to me and I confidently reached my front pockets, I had Sh. 500 The cash was not there, I convince myself that maybe I had miss placed it, I reached for my wallet at the back of my pants’ pocket. I couldn’t find it either. The conductor noticing the panic on my face, he shouted ” wewe ushagongwa,huyo dem amekuiba” you can imagine how embarrassed I was while transferring cash to the conductor’s number via M-Pesa. There were many insults and jokes all through the rest of the journey. The last thing I heard was ” hiyo hug umelipia”, “mteja hapatikani…”

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