Threat?? Really…….

weaveSo it’s on a Sunday around 8.30 pm, am super excited, extremely excited and not coz of my favourite comedy progi* Churchill show or the fact that ma tortoise in her sexy hotpant is bending over in every given chance. Nah, it’s coz of the upcoming investigative series on NTV weekend #gangsterparadise hosted by Okari, that fisi who conquered Betty’s heart ( I know it wasn’t necessary πŸ€”). The series is about youths who had engaged themselves with robbery and murders and decided to reform. In between the interviews one thing rather catches my eye and ears (πŸ‘ˆπŸ» kizungu ilikuja na meli ikakwama Indian Ocean 😀). This young lass ( former member of the notorious gang trained in the deep environs of gong hills) claimed that they, the women in the gang ,used to ferry guns in their weaves. Intriguing right?? How can one carry a pistol on her head and not get noticed?? ( ee hizi weaves sponsors wananunulia sponsees* ndio hufanya hiyo kazi). I mean a gorgeous lady, dressed to kill with some other country’s weave ( Brazilian, Indian,Nigerian whatever) is a security threat. Really..

I mean she might be ferrying pangas,rungus and any other weapon of mass destruction. If it’s a jango’ lass hawezi kosa mawe hapo kwa weave.. It has come to a point where when these ladies come for a sleep over, you have to search their weaves just to be sure haujaibiwa.. Unaeza pata mwiko, sufuria na unga ya ugali hapo kwa kichwa ndio ushangae..

I know some of you’all pretty damsels think am all hatin’, nah.. If you wanna rock a weave please make sure it’s upto date , super clean ( hii kujiscratch kichwa na unga ndio inamwagika hapana) and allow all security personnel in different institutions to search them just incase.. Peace..

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Just a guy. God above all Posts whats on my mind, funny or not.

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