This is one of the realest article I have ever written since I was born till date. Being a true OG and a real African man it’s very difficult to tell your mother “I love you mum”. It is one of the hardest thing to do especially when you come from a humble background where you are more worried about putting food on the table and not feelings. Despite, finding it difficult to say the words “I love you mum ” deep inside I know  that she is my driving force and every time I fee low she is the one that  motivates me and keeps me going.


Pink tulips for mother's day

Pink tulips for mother’s day


A mother is that one special person that is irreplaceable. No amount of money or gold can buy a mothers love. That’s why I want take this opportunity to appreciate my mother and all the women out there who take good care of their children. Our mothers work from dawn to dusk to ensure we have a better life than they had, and that’s why we have to respect and pray for them to have good health and long life. I can’t wait for that moment when I will go home and tell her #MamaIMadeIt.


I also want to take this moment to appreciate the future mother of my kids. I know she is out there somewhere, and I pray she will be a good mother just like my mum. If you’re a young girl out there living the life, raving, making a sponsor happy or even posing naked for Instagram likes, take a moment and think about what kind of a mother you want to be. I can’t finish this post without talking about abortion it might be illegal but people still do it.  There are many reasons that push girls to abort, but there is no justification for it, because it is murder. Some girls have done it more than once, but it’s never too late to change and do the right thing, life is precious. If you are a guy out there and you support such heinous acts shame on you.


Happy mothers to all mums across the globe. You are the reason we will keep working hard to create a better world for us and the future generations. Also, Men learn to appreciate and support the mother of your children. In conclusion, “I salute my mother and father because that’s where I got my heart from”. #MaskOff #HappyMother’sDay #OneLove

@juliuspeters254 @hg_dynasty

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