Sports Development And Investment

One of the sports fanatic as well as online influencer:  A well reserved gentleman, who has clear views concerning sports development. Why investors should prioritize sports sector.

dfghj  His words speak more about the man that is Danns Obari. Trendsur sat down with this fanatic and here is his story, his factual views on sports development and investment.

Trendsur: How should the government develop sports in Kenya?

Danns Obari: A nice question posed at the right time. It is all about learning to appreciate sports as one of the main source of income to the investor. Let us have lots of educative materials involving ways of developing sports and taking as a prioritized investment. I was pleased by one of Egyptian company investing in sports in Kenya. Don’t be surprised to find out later on how far they have made it before we start thinking of taking sports seriously.

Trendsur: They say funds are the main issue. What is your say?

Danns Obari: There are many ways to deal out of such problems. First and foremost, sports organizations should properly set up short term and long term. Thereafter, investors will be coming for these sports entities looking for investment opportunities.

Trendsur: How comes developed countries have nice sports facilities i.e. stadiums but Kenya is no way close to?

Danns Obari:  It all starts with the individual sports entities. For example many clubs in developed countries have simple but nice facilities that are par the international standards. Those clubs made sure they got a following within the cities/towns or surrounding communities. They then through proper channels approached the local governments which gave them government grants to setup those facilities.

Trendsur: The Kenyan Government promised to build such facilities but we haven’t realized yet?

Danns Obari: It is quite simple; the government can’t invest in something if it is uncertain that the citizens need. It is up to the citizens to use the “inadequate” facilities in excessive for the government to realize that there is a shortage. Let us flow in those stadiums.

Trendsur: Thanks Danns Obari for your views, let us catch up next time.

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