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Thee Nairobian Bachelor  (Part One)

Thee Nairobian Bachelor (Part One)

If you are a bachelor like me living in Nairobi, you probably have four people in your speed dial whom you can’t dare loose their numbers. Mama mboga, Mama nguo, Motorbike guy and at Read More

Debt Collector


Debt collection etiquette involves one to be patient, firm and understanding because not all the debtors will respond the same way. Some can be very hostile; others are remorseful; others are clueless of how Read More


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Businesses that have websites need to understand the importance of having a good SEO strategy. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process through which webmasters make changes to the website structure (meta keywords, page titles, Read More


The Benefits of eLearning

Standardised Content In a traditional classroom setting, the way a trainer delivers content may be different each time and this has an impact on the quality of the training content. With eLearning, the training Read More

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