indexI was short changed, I was taken to a short cut
Without them knowing how deep it hurt me, the pain deep down in my heart
It pains me to know the reality, they hate me…
But, the good thing, they won’t stop me
Am gone, am pressing on, after giving much, this is all of what I get back!
I gave everything, my all, without retaining anything
Let me talk a bout GOD ,he gave all to us. Us meaning Adam and Eve
And if am wrong, I don’t want to be right, am a stupid fool person
After the beautiful garden of Eden, the good life, the beautiful flowers
God, gave all, but for less ,Adam sinned
Let me talk a bout this garden, I tilled, cultivated this land, used the best machines from the best countries In the world, name them; USA,EUROPE,CHINA.I used the best the best seeds to plant, the best top dresser fertilizer,with an ISO international standards number
.And when time for harvest came, I harvested nothing.Not even a seed,the garden gave me less after all;Gave me nothing after giving so much.
I Am who I might be,the might God can’t let me be less
Look at the Bible, from Job, to Moses, to David, to Solomon,to Abraham
No harm,I will fight, I will keep walking
In fire,like Shadrack Meshack Abednego with the fourth holy spirit
In me, I Am a champion.Not a losser
Holy ghost,Holy virgin Mary mother Teresa I won’t settle for less
They cann’t give me less any more
Am worthy, on the road and not unworthy
From zero, I will be a hero oneday, someday or any otherday.

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Am a young accountant, techpreneur, talkpreneur,business boy.spoken word is my weed when I feel to quit.Am driving my Bugatti as i sip my champagne as i reflect how i did it. #wordpower #worldword #skylimit

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